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Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media

Hello and welcome to 2021, where digital technology and innovation are taking over. As you may have noticed, everyone walks around with a smartphone device on them: in their hands, pockets, and bags. Some have even begun calling humans cyborgs as we begin to integrate more technology devices into our everyday lives.

Our world is slowly transforming into a digital one and many already started migrating aspects from their personal life to their online one with social media. Social media continues to dominate. Last year, there were 15.5 users signing up every second, totaling to around 1.3 million users joining social media daily. As more people jump on the social media bandwagon, your business has the potential to reach them all, but it starts with creating a social media account for your business.

What’s the difference between a business and a personal account?

Everyone has a personal social media account. Okay, well maybe not everyone, but the majority of individuals are signed up with their personal information with at least one social media platform. On this account, you most likely follow friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, celebrities, and essentially anyone you want to stay connected with. You share updates about your personal life like relationship statuses, life events, and more, and typically, your feed becomes a reflection of you.

On the other side, there are business social media accounts. Here lies all the professionalism, expertise, and the more serious side of you. It does not matter what your business entails (ie: products, services, etc), but only how you choose to get the word out, or in this case, market yourself. All your business information can be found in your business account including contact information, hours of operation, and your website. When you start posting, be careful about what you say because you represent your brand instead of yourself- as you are when you post on your personal account.

Do all businesses need a business social media account?

After all is said and done, the choice is yours to create a business account for your business. We recommend all brands jumping on social media. Creating a business account relies much more on strategy to upkeep and grow than anything else. You want a successful account, not a mediocre one and that’s one of the things we can help you with! By Tay Social is a social media agency that specializes in creative and innovative social media strategies. Contact us when you’re ready to get started!

Now let’s jump into five reasons why your business needs to be on social media.

Reason #1- Brand Exposure

Instead of a word-of-mouth way of marketing, start a digital journey instead. Social media is a great and powerful branding tool. Many brands have grown exponentially due to the power social media holds and there’s no denying that their digital success made them a little more dough either.

Platforms such as Twitter and TikTok allow anyone to go viral. This means that all it takes is one successful post and your page grows organically. Most times it’ll be a post you didn’t think would blow up, but that’s the beauty of the online world, it always keeps us on our toes.

Gen Z-ers might find it fishy when a business isn’t on social media because many businesses and brands are e-commerce. Once your business hops on social media, you begin your online presence. Everything posted after this moment contributes to your brand voice and identity.

Grow your brand by dipping into the social word of mouth and working with influencers. They’re able to reach people you might not be able to and they’ve already established a trust between their personal brand and their followers. However, you should always do an in-depth audit on any influencer you are looking to work with. Some influencers purchase followers, likes, and comments to fool brands and other users that they’re an influencer.

Reason #2 - Promote Content

You are a business trying to sell your goods and/or services. What steps are you taking to promote yourself? Again, it’s always a great move to separate business from personal. When you have your business page, you can go crazy promoting yourself, your services, and/or your goods. Doing those things on your personal will probably annoy your friends and family, although it never hurts to do it once in a while.

You should have a content strategy in place before you start posting. Random postings of things unrelated to your brand can confuse your audience on what your page is about, which delays your chances of obtaining leads and potential customers. Instead of stressing about how to be successful online, call professionals like us to keep you relevant, fun, trendy, but most importantly, on brand.

Reason #3 - Humanizes Your Brand

It’s no surprise there are actual people behind the screen and not just robots, or as the cool kids call them, bots. Although it is weird to think that by being online you are humanized, it's true, social media humanizes your brand. You directly connect with your audience and customers and are able to create a real human connection with them. Introducing the people behind your brand, loyal customers and customer reviews, gives your audience a deeper look into your business and gives them reasons why to trust you.

Reason #4 - Real-Time Updates and Replies

Technology works quickly. You are able to respond to any comment at the tap of a few buttons. It’s great to interact with your followers because they’ll be more open in engaging with your brand’s posts. They’ll start trusting your account as they see it more often and soon start spreading the word about your brand to their group circle.

Social media also allows you to provide your customers with instant updates. New product alerts, management and/or production updates, can be sent out, again, at a click of a few buttons. You don’t need to wait a day, a week, let alone a month to get news about your brand, it’s delivered immediately.

Reason #5 - New Leads, New Customers

Once your business page starts growing and followers start flowing in, you’ll be reaching a new group of people you never did before. Every follower you gain is a potential customer, whether they have purchased before or not. Your content strategy determines a new lead, customer, and even unfollower. When your followers like what they see, they’ll invest in you and your business. If they don’t, they might unfollow. But that should never discourage you from acknowledging your potential customers.

By Tay Social

We believe in social media and the power it holds for each and every business. Anyone and everyone can be successful here, but it takes creativity, planning, and consistency to out stand your competitors. Don’t ever feel like taking care of your social media account is a chore. It should be fun and a place where you can establish your brand’s personality and visually show it with your audience.

We’re always here when you need extra help. Contact us via email at with your social media questions, comments, concerns, and inquiries.

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